Planning Commission Members

Mike Conway, Chair
(507) 454-5560
​or (507) 312-0721

Robin Jandt, Clerk
(507) 458-2911

Pat Pawlowski – P & Z Administrator
(925) 895-1900
Chrisopher Gervais
(507) 474-4470
Troy Beier
(507) 312-0685
Paul Conway
Chester Pozanc Jr.
Wilson Township Fire Department

Planning Commission Mission Statement:

The Wilson Township Planning Commission has been chartered by the Wilson Board of Supervisors to hold meetings and public hearings on Conditional Use Permits (CUP) and to make recommendations on their findings to the Board of Supervisors. The Planning Commission endeavors to balance conflicting interests of property owners while protecting the health, safety and welfare of all residents within Wilson Township and Winona County.


The Wilson Township Planning Commission was asked by the Board of Supervisors in 2013 to review and make recommendations regarding the Township’s Zoning Ordinance. The Planning Commission completed that project and the Board of Supervisors subsequently approved those recommended changes in August 2013.

Similarly, a review of the Township’s Comprehensive Land Use Plan was completed by the Planning Commission in 2014 with those changes approved by the Board of Supervisors in February, 2015.